Saginuma Osama 42
Saginuma Osamu
(砂木沼治) (alien name: Desarm), was a goalkeeper, a forward and the captain of Aliea Academy's Epsilon. He is a midfielder and the captain of Neo Japan. He also appeared in GO as the co-coach of Seidouzan.


Inazuma Eleven 2Edit

  • "He's only happy when everything is going precisely according to plan."

Inazuma Eleven 2 (Epsilon Kai form)Edit

  • "His planning ability has improved, but he still loses it when things go wrong."



Saginuma (as Desarm) in the TCG (GK).

Along with others in the Aliea Gakuen, he is also an orphan from Sun Garden.


He has black hair tied in a ponytail with two bangs that frame his face, and has orange eyes. In GO, he wears a navy blue shirt and purple pants beneath. He ties his hair partially and wears a red jacket with golden laces.


He has always seemed to be a determined person, and occasionally even seeming greedy. At first during the Aliea Academy Arc he was very greedy for power and even in the FFI Arc, while he was in Neo Japan, he was extremely determined because he wanted a chance to play soccer on an international level, but his team loses to Inazuma Japan. However, he is a person who can admit his loss while still trying his best to improve.
Inazuma Eleven 2 - Blizzard ( AP Patched )(EN) 54 18470

Desarm debut in IE2

He is hard-working because he took Hitomiko's training and he also came back to goalkeeper to help Midorikawa train.

He is not very good at inspiring others. When he wrote a letter to Inazuma Japan, he wanted to help and inspire them, but they ended up becoming depressed as the letter was too long.

In GO, he is shown to be very enthusiastic when he was encouraging Seidouzan during the half-time against Raimon.


Season 2Edit

He first appeared in episode 34, as Epsilon's goalkeeper and captain, Desarm. After the Raimon Eleven defeated Gemini Storm, he "exiled" Gemini Storm. The first match he and his team were seen playing was against Manyuuji Junior HighinKyoto. In a m atter of just six minutes he and his team injured all members of the Manyuuji Eleven except for Kogure and won by a score of 16-0. Raimon played against Epsilon with Kogure who caught the super strong shot (by accident) Epsilon used as they left. Later at Osaka, he and his team tied to Rika and Raimon Eleven. Later they reappeared and fought Raimon Eleven again but has Gouenji rejoined the team and defeated them. At the end of the match, Gazel appeared and exiled Epsilon.

Season 3Edit

Saginuma Osamu in Neo Japan

Saginuma Osamu in Neo Japan

He reappeared in Season 3 at the doorstep of Sun Garden, pleading to Coach Hitomiko to make him stronger, as he was not selected for the Japan National Team Selection Match. Coach Hitomiko had not planned to get into soccer again, but she decided to make a new team, Neo Japan, to win the Japan National Team spot. Saginuma and the others on the team had upgraded moves but in the end, Inazuma Japan won and kept their National Team seat. He is later seen training Midorikawa under Hitomiko's supervision. During Inazuma Japan's stay at Liocott Island, he sent them a scroll, in which is actually a greeting letter consisting of many formal sentences and old-people's way of speech, making all the members who listened to it sweat-dropped. In the end, he is seen re-united with  Hiroto.

Plot (GO)Edit

He appeared in the GO game alongside Gouenji and Toramaru, it was then later revealed that he is one of the people that are training Seidouzan.

He first appeared in the anime in episode 41 along with Ishido and Toramaru, encouraging them and helping Seidouzan out during the match.

In episode 43, he was seen next to Hitomiko watching the match along Kurosaki and Masaki. In episode 44, he was seen listening to Hibiki, who did the speech.

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Soccer uniform Epsilon player 1-2 Neojp10spriteAlieaplayer 12 sprite Neojp10backsprite Epsilon player 1Desarm Evil FormAlieaplayer 12Neojp10shot
Casual (GO) Saginuma osamu adult sprite

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Soccer uniform Saginumafrontview Saginumabackview Saginuma Close Front View


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  • Saginuma is the only character that has played 3 different positions; Goalkeeper and Forward as Desarm and Midfielder and Goalkeeper as himself; though he says he likes better being a forward.
  • In the GO game, his is recruitable in two forms: his Epsilon form and his Neo Japan form.
  • When he is a Goalkeeper and a Midfielder, he has the fire element; when he is a Forward, he has the wind element.
  • He is one of the few characters in Inazuma Eleven 2 that have Alter Egos.
    • When playing a match in the second game, it is possible to break special conditions by changing his alter ego