Protocol Omega 2.0 (プロトコル・オメガ2.0) are the second antagonist team in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.
Protocol Omega 2.0 Players

Plot (Chrono Stone)Edit


Protocol Omega 2.0 in Japan's uniform

They appeared in Episode 5. They replaced some members of Protocol Omega, within the most important, Alpha, and three others unknown members, by Beta, Dorimu, Orca and Ward, as they weren't able to stop Tenma, Feiandtheothers from changing the timeline back to it normal. They replaced the Japan's team in the friendly match against the USA. They

scored a lot of goals, but then Raimon appeared. Then a match began between Protocol Omega 2.0 and Raimon, won by Protocol Omega 2.0 with a terrific score of 11-0, though they only scored 3 goals against Raimon.

Protocol Omega 2.0 appeared again in Episode 010. They were first seen in El Dorado's headquarters, because Einamu and some others old members of Protocol Omega did some timetravels without Toudou Heikichi's consent. They later had another match against Raimon, and won 5-3 after a hard match which they won because of Beta's Ghost Mixi Max. They then stole the Scriptures of the Champion and managed to seal Endou Daisuke in the Sphere Device, but due to his willpower, he became the Chrono Stone. They then left the soccer field.
Protocol Omega 2.0 formation CS 16 HQ

Protocol Omega 2.0's formation.

Protocol Omega 2.0 appeared again in the Sengoku era, principally Beta who created a team called Shiroshika, but they weren't able to beat Raimon. During the Cherry Blossom festival in the Episode 14, Beta stole the Mixi Max Gun from Wonderbot as the Mixi Max of Shindou failed again. Later, Protocol Omega 2.0 impersonated Yoshimoto's vassals, in the Episode 15. In the next episode, they played against Raimon another time. While Raimon was supported by Nobunaga, they were supported by Yoshimoto. Protocol Omega 2.0 revealed some new hissatsus, like Beta's Shoot Command K02 which scored their first goal. They scored a second time due again to their captain who this time used Shoot Command 07. The Episode 16 ends with 2-1, Protocol Omega 2.0 winning. The match takes back in Episode 17. Shindou, with some advice from Nobunaga was able to use his Keshin Armed and to Mixi Max, and scored the two goals, which gave Raimon the victory 3-2.




  • Protocol Omega 2.0 is the second team of El Dorado.This is also the second Protocol Omega team.
    • Their uniform is also the same.
    • Most of Protocol Omega's members joined Protocol Omega 2.0.
  • Omega is the 24th and last letter of the Greek Alphabet.