Genda Koujirou (源田幸次郎) also called Genou (げんおう) in the game. is the goalkeeper for Teikoku, Shin Teikoku and Neo Japan.


Inazuma ElevenEdit

  • "The King of Keepers. There is no angle that he cannot cover."

Inazuma Eleven 2Edit

  • "There's no angle that the King of Keepers hasn't got covered."

Inazuma Eleven 2 (Shin Teikoku Academy form)Edit

  • "The Emperor of Goal Keepers surpasses all other shot-stoppers."


Koujirou Genda

Genda Koujirou

He has spiky, brown hair that is swept to the side. He also has tattoo-like markings on his face,under his eyes. He's very tall compared to other characters and has been seen wearing both the Teikoku Academy school uniform and his goalkeeper uniform. In season 2, while playing with Shin Teikoku, he has longer hair and his "tattoo" appears slightly different.


Season 1Edit

He is first seen during the original match between Raimon and Teikoku and his first words, after easily catching a shot from Someoka that looked like it was going in, were: "Kidou! That's all for me." He is the goalkeeper of Teikoku, and turns away from Kageyama with Kidou and the rest of the team when they realize how sinister Kageyama is. However, Teikoku ended up losing to Raimon in the district finals of the Football Frontier, but because they were the champion for the previous year, they earned a privillage to return for the finals. However, they were badly beaten by Zeus that Genda needed to spend some time in the hospital.

Season 2Edit

Genda ShinTeikokuGakuen

Genda in Shin Teikoku.

In the Aliea Gakuen storyline, Genda joined Shin Teikoku, also coached by Kageyama, to get stronger and more powerful, along with Sakuma. During the match they have in attempt to beat Aliea Academy, Genda uses Beast Fang once, which is a forbidden technique that causes massive damage to the person who uses it. After being beaten, and being released from the brainwashing of Kageyama, he needs some hospitalization. Fortunate

Genda Kojirou Neo Japan

Genda Koujirou in Neo Japan

ly, his injuries are not as bad as Sakuma, who having used a forbidden technique three times, looked as though he may never be able to play soccer again.

Season 3Edit

In the FFI, Genda joins Neo Japan, a team created to beat Inazuma Japan in order to take their place in the Football Frontier International. Having trained very hard, they came close to winning, but Inazuma Japan claimed victory in the end. He was later seen at Japan's nationals selection and then he was seen watching Raimon's graduating match with the rest of his teammates.

Game AppearanceEdit

Character Sprite and AvatarEdit

Front Sprite Back Sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform SpriteNJ1TKplayer1SPShin Teikoku player 1-2Neo teikoku player 1 sprite Neojp1shotTKplayer1Neo teikoku player 1Shin Teikoku player 1

Character ViewEdit

Front Overview Back Overview
Soccer uniform Gendafrontview Gendabackview


Inazuma Eleven (game)Edit

At Lvl. 99

  • Kick: 72
  • Body: 75
  • Control: 69
  • Guard: 72
  • Speed: 55
  • Stamina: 74
  • Guts: 60


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Inazuma Eleven GOEdit


  • Genda's last name in the dub, King, might be a reference to his nickname King of Goalkeepers.
  • Ironically, his Japanese name initials are 'GK' (Genda Koujirou) are also the initials for 'Goalkeeper' which is the position Genda play as.