Bakunetsu Screw (爆熱 スクリュー, Baku-netsu Sukuryū, lit. Explosive Heat Screw) is a shoot hissatsu technique in the Inazuma Eleven universe.


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Bakunetsu Screw failed against Volcano Cut V2

It was one of the few hissatsu techniques that were able to break through

Dragon Screw

Jean Baker's 'Great Barrier Reef' technique. This move greatly resembles Fire Tornado but instead of spinning upside down the user spins in mid air vertically emanating tendrils of fire while kicking the ball to create a specific rotation pattern. It was created during the match between Inazuma Japan and Big Waves by Gouenji. The move was inspired by Tsunami Jousuke's 'The Typhoon', a move that also broke through 'Great Barrier Reef'. Gouenji was able to evolve it further into Shin (真) Bakunetsu Screw over time (he is not seen using Bakunetsu Screw Kai (改) in the anime, it is assumed that he evolved Bakunetsu Screw twice over the course of training). He also used it to make a chain shoot with Someoka's Dragon Slayer.

In the final of the FFI, Rococo Urupa easily stops this move with God Hand X.

Notably, this hissatsu was imitated by Tsurugi Kyousuke when he was little, since he was a big fan of Gouenji.



Bakunetsu Screw Wii

Bakunetsu Screw in the Wii Game